RB7510 DDS VFO(c)

(For Use With The Drake TR-4 Transceiver)

The RB7510 DDS VFO(c) is a high stability oscillator that replaces the Drake TR-4 PTO. Other models are currently under development. The RB7510 DDS VFO(c) uses a Zilog EZ80F91 processor running at 50 MHz and an Analog Devices AD9851 DDS IC. The unit comes with a power adapter and cable for the Drake TR-4. For Frequently Asked Questions, click here. This unit also features:




The RB7510 DDS VFO(c) displays calculated TR-4 frequency to a resolution of 1 Hz. It does not actually measure the TR-4 transmit / receive frequency but calculates it based on the DDS frequency. Unfortunately we cannot add the WARC bands to the TR-4. The tuned circuits within the TR-4 do not have sufficient tuning range to allow this.

Price $475 U.S.